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23rd-Dec-2014 06:35 am - Still The Beat Goes On
crossposted from Lee Edward McIlmoyle's blog

So it’s me and a coffee and Thomas Dolby’s Map of the Floating City this morning. Soon it will probably be How To Destroy Angels. I’m thinking about maybe spending the next few days writing and recording an EP of solo keyboard music. I’ve never really done that before. It’s too late for Christmas, but hey, I usually am.

Just thinking I’d like to record some music before the surgery on my arm, just in case I don’t get it back. Could spell the end of my musical career before it ever really started. Maudlin thought for the holidays, but it’s been bothering me quite a bit in the last week, though I’ve been trying not to let on. My left hand aches off and on, and the ulnar nerve in my left elbow has been making all kinds of strange little perambulations that aren’t right. If the surgery works, it’ll be a few months before I can play music again. If not… my left hand slowly turns into a withered claw and I probably spend what remains of my musical career playing keys and programming mostly with my right hand. No tour. The end of a dream. I can’t accurately convey how depressing that thought is.

I’m going to turn 44 on Boxing Day. A lot of old plans and schemes, not quite broken dreams, a lot has happened to keep them from happening on time, but I still hold out hope. So losing the ability to practically deliver on those dreams is not an easy pill to swallow. I’m just beginning to really come to grips with the instruments for perhaps the first time in decades. Almost as good as when we were a band, and also better in many ways. It’s almost time. And Yet it may already be too late.

The hand thing will also affect my painting and writing. I touch type with both hands, a skill not a lot of writers actually possess. I also paint very kinetically, using both hands, so that could also suck.

Basically, the next few months are going to be hellish for me.

And I’m going to be doing PBW2 stuff during all of this. I haven’t really told my team mates what’s coming. This is probably going to be a miserable winter, whether I recover or not.

I think I may have to stop typing. My pinky is starting to ache a bit. I was going to do some writing… maybe I’ll get some work done. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m practicing making a video game with a new program called BuildBox. Using their art assets for now. Here’s where I’m at:
The game is called ‘Stevie Is A Menace’.
The barely-started song lyric in the text window behind WinAmp is called ‘How to Build Your Audience (From Common Household Items)’

Today is my hero Anthony Phillips’ birthday. I haven’t chosen which piece to post on the FB fan page yet. Probably another collected suite. Just gotta decide which one.

I’m selling a calendar I made and posted on RedBubble.
I’m also selling WINTERLUDE, the short story I released from THE BACK ROADS OF LIMBO, because almost no one bought or read it.
There’s also NEVER APOLOGIZE, which is also a seasonal tale.

I want an iRig Keys Pro and a five string bass for Christmas. Not gonna happen. Totes. Just saying.

My best abstract paintings are still selling for half what they’re worth. No buyers. It’s been a rough year.

Baba O’Riley is playing in the headphones. Time to get back to writing that song. You folks have a great day, and if I miss you before then, Merry Christmas. Thanks for reading.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
17th-Dec-2014 07:33 am - Just For The Record…
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…That meeting I mentioned wanting/needing to take?

Is later this morning.

Send those warm vibes, folks. A lot rides on this.

Book still isn’t finished. *sigh*

Tin Spirits’ new album is wonderful. Get it.

Oh yeah, and another rough idea of what I’m doing with those canvases, once I get the proper drawings done:
Zoe Quadriptych 2014 - Plan 001b
Paintings by the late Edward Hopper; photographs by me.

More to come. Thanks for reading. Seeya later.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
crossposted from Lee Edward McIlmoyle's blog

So I was watching a brilliantly charming interview with Dave Gregory, the former lead guitarist and multi-instrumental guy in XTC, who has been lately working in a couple of newer bands, Big Big Train (whom some of you may have noticed I’m a massive fan of), and a band I haven’t heard as much of, called Tin Spirits. The interview has some Tin Spirits music tacked on at the end, and it’s pretty awesome. Go check it out:

And that’s pretty much all I’ve got for today. I’m listening to old XTC and prepping infographics for PBW2. Good times. Coffee? Yes, please!

Hope you’re having a great weekend, folks. Stay warm.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
crossposted from Lee Edward McIlmoyle's blog

Wrote up a manifesto for creating a new process for PBW2 in 2015. It’s hald manifesto, half actual plan. I haven’t spelled out the timeline in absolute dates yet, but if the gang likes the basic structure, and we can get the Councillor’s approval and support, we’ll start setting things up and firming up details ahead of a January campaign launch.

That is, if there are no serious objections. This is a tough room I’ve brought together. I expect good ideas, but I also expect there to be strong criticisms of my ideas.

Not actively writing the novel I started this month. Wasn’t expecting opposition from my wife to starting it. Haven’t been able to look at it the same since. So I’ve gone back and tried to finish Act 2 of THE APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO LIMBO (aka Return Trip). It’s coming so slowly, it hurts. No real time to write, and I’ve been reluctant to dig in. *sigh*

Steep Inclinations will have to wait until some time in the New Year, as far as I can tell. No band to speak of, so I really am treating this as the last Etcetera Thesis project. It’s not so much a determination to leave as a realisation that I’m the only one still here. Time to go.

Maybe form a new band some time in the new year. Or maybe 2016. We’ll see if I make it that far.

The StinZine (issue #005) is at the printers.

Started four newish paintings, but I’m already thinking I want to start a new series, using some canvases I’ve had laying around for another project I’ve elected to abandon, simply because n o one really wants or needs me to do that one, now. Thinking of picking up one or two more 12″x36″ canvases and doing either an upright polyptych or one continuous horizontal strip, featuring Zoe in ashcan style paintings a la Edward Hopper, but in her own world. I had been thinking of paying a more direct homage to Hopper, who has been a quiet influence of mine, but I don’t want to hue too close, as his legacy has become a little strip mined in recent years. I just want to capture the feel of his work using a teenaged Zoe doing her best impression of 40/50s starlets in interesting locations doing cool cinematic things. If that works out, I may try her out doing some Muchaesque things next year. those will be larger canvases. Something in four or five foot lengths. I’ve been keeping Zoe mostly to myself for too long.

Becky (aka Baby Cat) is extremely miserable, thanks to the introduction of Stevie (aka Little One), who is an irrepressible sweetheart with an all-consuming need for love and attention, and a refusal to accept no… for long.

And Lucky (aka Panther)… well, I still miss him. A lot. Dawn and I don’t talk about our boy too often, but we both miss him. He was utterly unique, and though Becky and Stevie have been working around the clock to fill his space, they’re not really anything like him.

This was a photo I took of him just a few short days before he died. He was perfectly content just to be with us in those last days. He was at his most curious, most affectionate, most friendly.
My Poor Boy

Thank you for reading. I’ll try to have more for tomorrow.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
crossposted from Lee Edward McIlmoyle's blog

Okay, I’m experiencing some difficulty due to a chest cold that has morphed into a touch of pneumonia. This is not a sympathy plea. Just keeping you updated. I have horse pills for it. Week’s worth. Fun, wow.

Big PB meeting at City Hall tonight. I need a shower and shave.

Reading through RETURN TRIP (act two of TAD2L). It needs tweaking here and there, and there is something still missing from the stories I have so far. Not enough through line, and possibly not enough hints about Richard’s progression. There’s a whole piece there that needs to make itself apparent by the time the final chapter plays out, and I’m not sure I’ve got a handle on that. It’ll come, but I really hoped it would come before now, so I could release the book at the end of the month. Might have to revise my release date yet again. Sorry about that.

I have a cartoon on the drawing table that needs inking and colouring. Need it and one more article. This would all be done if I hadn’t gotten sick and missed my deadline to interview Maggie as planned. Now Maggie is too busy, and I am waiting for Katherine to get an interview from another neighbourhood personage. I can’t do anything to speed that up, but I may have to fill the space and let her interview be moved to February. We’re running out of time.

I haven’t named the new series of paintings I am contemplating, though I vaguely recall suggesting I had an idea about that last week. All I know is it’s about conveying form and narrative using raw colour. Not sure how I’ll do it. My first attempt was a fail, and I gessoed over the mess. Still haven’t started my second attempt. Soon.

Amanda Palmer’s first book has been out for a week. I still don’t own a copy, but I will. You should, too. Go get it.

My guitar student is going to be getting his own guitar for Christmas. I am hoping he will practice enough to get comfortable with playing on his own, without me guiding him every step of the way. I like teaching and what it’s done for my own playing and practice schedule, but I do want to put myself out of a job, eventually. I tend to think self-education is the best method of learning to play and write music. I can’t really impart a conservatory-type education, but I can at least get my student ready for whatever other teachers he may or may not interact with in the future. I very much want him to keep playing and progressing, and I’m not so sure how much I can show him before I’ll be holding him back with my own limitations as a player.

When he DOES eventually leave my tutelage, I think I may take on other students, though. Teaching is good for discipline. The money is kind of negligible, but the effort to improve enough to keep ahead of your student is invaluable.

Soon. Ask if you’re wondering about something specific. I’ll update as I can.

Thanks for reading.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
crossposted from Lee Edward McIlmoyle's blog

So, it’s after 4 AM, and I’m sitting up early (been up since 3) listening to very old Yes demos for an album that never happened, wondering if there isn’t a way I can patch it together into a demo album and suggest to them that they should really revisit them and make a proper album out of the lot. I mean, it’s all material from that late 70s period where they more or less petered out until Jon and Rick abandoned ship and left Steve, Chris and Alan to salvage and reconstitute with the Buggles. Personally, I think the material as it has been released on various compilations and extended reissues is basically stillborn, but I do wonder if a little creative dissection and recombination wouldn’t make a handful of really good songs or even epic compositions. They’d probably run screaming from the concept, but there are some nice moments in the pile, except that they really do need tweaking and re-recording, because many of the performances are tired and fumbling, particularly in the vocal department.

I should be writing fiction. I have more or less abandoned the new book idea (THE CONSTANT SEA OF NIGHT) for the time being, because I just don’t think I can generate enough righteous indignation to defend my right to write it when I have so much other incomplete material waiting in the wings. Perhaps in a few months, after I get THE APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO LIMBO out the door. So much to write, and there never seems to be time for any of it anymore. Perhaps if I had found time to work on PAsSAGE TO BUJAH, I wouldn’t be writing this paragraph.

Cats seem to have settled down. I might go back to bed shortly. Or maybe, I’ll just play with these songs a bit more and see if there isn’t a better sequence for them.

So many other projects waiting for me to make time for them. Soon… oh soon, the light.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
29th-Oct-2014 12:58 pm - A Day of Rest?
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Well, not quite. I still have to clean Mom’s house today. I’ll be leaving to do that shortly. But I won’t be posting anything of significance today.

I’m still sick. I keep forgetting to call my doctor. I have some pretty good cough syrup now, which I was out of for about a week.

I started a logo for Dawn the other day, though she hasn’t really looked at it, so I assume it isn’t goof enough.

NaNoWriMo starts in a few days. I was planning on doing the third installment of The Approximate Distance To Limbo. Now I’m not so sure. Second thoughts about the whole thing, really. No one so much as bought a single copy of the first act. Either they’re waiting for the whole thing to be done, or they don’t like the premise at all. And no one has commented one way or another, so I have no way of knowing. Feels like I’ve been wasting my time with all of this. Like I missed a memo that notified everyone that I’m not a real, reliable author, and can thus be ignored accordingly. I know I’m not perfect, but I think my writing is adequate. I don’t really know too many people who consider my writing sub par. Just no comments. Telling me something, that.

I think I want to do a few more abstract paintings, on much bigger substrates. I sense it might be the last time I paint abstracts for a long, long time.

Still planning on the Tarot painting series. I haven’t made any progress in a while, but I still feel like this could be a good series for me.

Just need more time to sit down and plot and draw this properly. It feels important. Important enough to do it right.

No Band activity. No solo activity. No time to play or record. Left hand still a problem, but not so much that I can’t at least wing it a bit. I’d like a couple of tech tools, but I can do without.

I was having a pretty good time planning this, and then life got busy, and now I can’t quite get back into it. It’ll happen. I just need some inspiration, and it’s only been coming in dribs and drabs. Maybe if I start designing the cards, the rest will come to me. I need to make sure the individual gameboard modules are both fun enough and complete enough on their own that people can play with as few as possible, to keep the gameplay short for those that don’t want to play a single game for two hours or more. I want the individual modules to be an engrossing hour of gameplay, but I keep thinking the main draw of the game will be in the mixed genre component, simply because that’s what has always drawn me to the Link Worlds concept.

I wish I had someone else I could discuss this stuff with, just to see if my ideas sound plausible. I’m also worried that the modular nature and the tile-based game board concept won’t mesh with the rest of the gameplay concepts. I believe ti will work, but it’s too soon to tell. It’s not gelling in my head as well as it was a few weeks ago. I need a working model to test things out with, but my pride won’t allow me to just do a series of doodle cards and tiles to test run it in front of anyone else but me. Sort of the Magician’s Dilemma.

Anyway, that should do for now. Have a good day. Thanks for reading.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
23rd-Oct-2014 10:32 am - Kickass Chick of Badass International
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I’ve been a little negligent of a lot of things lately, including this blog. It’s a combination of things, really. My schedule is pretty hectic for a guy who technically speaking is underemployed; I’ve been fighting a lingering chest cold (kinda like last year, though not as severe at present); and I’ve been staving off a bout of low-grade depression just deep enough to slow me down and make getting things done seem less appealing than usual.

I’ve been tooling around with a new demo my buddy James William Roy of The James Rocket sent me to listen to. It’s called Derby Girl. It’s pretty cool. I think you’ll like it. i ended up doing about twelve remixes of it, only to decide I had it best at version 6, with just a dash of multiband compression and mastering to widen and excite the track. The twelfth version is fun, but it’s overly clever and involves compressing and reverbing the intro tot he song to sound as if you’re walking into a club as the song starts. Considering the song is only two minutes and change, it’s a pretty lengthy bit of sound manipulation which would really only work in a rock performance video. I’d love to share it with you, but James says it’s not ready for consumption yet; he’s going to rerecord it to tighten up the vocal harmonies and any other fiddly bits he thinks need revisitation and remixing first. Maybe after he releases the tune.

I’m also finalizing my list of PBW2 updates, which should have been put out weeks ago, ahead of Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr’s list, which looks a bit anemic by comparison. Ryan still has to report on about a third of the list, and several ‘completed’ projects offer little to no information. My list is, well, more in-depth, if a wee bit critical in places.

I’m deeply concerned that one of the projects (the Shamrock Park Labyrinth/Spiral Garden/Children’s Garden/whatever it is this week) may have to be taken over by a new team to get it done in a fashion that is both safe by City standards, and conducive to the standards of PBHamOnt. It’s weird saying that last bit, because we’re setting the standards even as I write this, but I have seen the current state of that project, and frankly, it looks bad, not simply because it’s incomplete, but because the overall ‘vision’ looks half-baked and under-planned. We can’t afford for one of the original proposals of PBW2_2013 to end up looking like it was improvised with a shovel and a few buckets of painted rocks. I fear the whole project will have to be bulldozed in the spring when the snow thaws and everyone sees the huge mud puddle left behind. I may be a bit pedantic on this point, but losing even one 2013 proposal to ego and/or ineptitude is unacceptable. That it might be gussied up a bit for the late spring and summer months is beside the point, if it will just wash away every time we have a good rain or snow storm. Plus, I hear that raspberry bushes have thorns. I need to look into that. Either way you look at it, it’s a PBW2-approved, resident-voted proposal in a public (read: City of Hamilton) park that needs to be salvaged before almost $2000 gets pissed away building a mini-earthworks that would be more appropriate in a certain someone’s back yard. Simple elegance is good, but mediocre half-assing it (with tax money) is both highly inappropriate and surplus to requirements. < /vent>

At least the Metcalfe sculpture prototype will see the light of day after all, thanks to the Multicultural Garden project at Bayfront Park. THAT will be a world-class installation worthy of the city’s money and our hard work.

Game development has slowed to a crawl, as you can probably imagine. I dream of sitting and rendering the tiles and cards in the next while, but I’m thinking I have to put it on the backburner for the moment and get this PB stuff done first. I also planned on working on my novels, with the third act getting started in a couple of weeks during NaNoWriMo… but now I’m not so sure I’ll have time. VERY frustrated by this.

For those who know and are wondering, we have a new kitten (named Stevie Nicks), and she is a very sweet nuisance. At least she has stopped peeing on the bed at night. The many sets of bed sheets we went through in the first week or two was getting ridiculous. Here she is, sucking my wife’s earlobe, because she was weened from her mother too quickly, for whatever reason (I can think of a few):
Stevie and Dawn 10648949_10152560493063323_1914272206727774443_o

Okay, that’s enough for now. Apologies and all that; it’s been a stressful, cash-strapped month.

Anyone wanna buy a book? Or how about a button? I suppose buying a painting is out of the question?


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
crossposted from Lee Edward McIlmoyle's blog

Happy Thanksgiving, all my Canadian friends. To everyone else, I hope you have a splendid day. It’s actually murky and wet here today, but hey, it’s a big country; I’m sure there is sunshine and warmth somewhere.

I’ve been doing some office keeping today, but there is still so much more to do. I’m hoping to have a little coffee and chat with Rebecca C, my sometimes-partner in Operation: Mango. I also have emails and phonecalls to make, which I may even do, but personally, I’m not sure what I can do at this point, because the apathy levels are pretty high, and there is family to attend to for most folks. Not me. I did family stuff yesterday. It’ll be time to contact folks throughout the week and find out if ANYONE knows what’s going on at this point. Even our Councillor seems out of the loop, though perhaps understandably so, given his preoccupation with re-election.

I haven’t made much progress on the game in the last few days. I trust you don’t want an explanation. I’ll try to get back to work on that in the next day or so.

I have writing to think about again. NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us, and I don’t like missing it, because in the last few years, it’s the only time I’m able to get a significant body of work written in one go. It’s not ideal, and it’s not exactly like I’m told I can or can’t do all of my serious writing in November, but it generally just works out that way. Fortunately, November is a good month for me to be writing. December isn’t bad, either.

STEEP INCLINATIONS isn’t going to happen this year. Hopefully next year, but to be frank, I need a number of things in place to make that a reality, and money for new gear is one of them. I need one or two smallish keyboards I can sit on my desk and record. I need to purchase some software so I can record vintage keys from VSTi’s, since I will never own a Mellotron or a Chamberlin, or a Hammond or a Moog or an Oberheim or a Yamaha CS80… But I’m gonna need a boatload of instruments with decent performances for this next album. It’s going to be heavy on instrumentation, to compensate for the fact that the music is mostly pretty primitive, even when it evokes progressive vibes.

At least I have most of the guitar stuff under control. My playing still needs a lot of work, but i HAVE been playing a lot more lately, which has been helping my recording and arranging considerably. When you need a soloist, it’s good to have an instrument or two to hand that you actually can play well enough to solo on, even if the solos aren’t earth-shatteringly good.

I don’t know what I planned on doing today. I still have a boatload of dishes to clean, but I think I was hoping to get some creative stuff done today. Instead, it was air conditioning and emptying boxes full of paper into one box, to cut back on the clutter in the storage lockers. I guess I’ll go take care of the dishes now, but know that I could have been amazing today.

For lack of that, here’s some music I did a few weeks ago with/for my guitar student:


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
24th-Sep-2014 08:22 am - Thinking About Linking
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Okay, not a lot of work has gotten done on the game, and the truth is, I’m so pressed for time, it’s a wonder anything got done at all:
LBG Tile Sets 01-12C
The thing is, it’s starting to feel a bit derivative to me, and I still haven’t gotten to the part where I add buidlings and such. There’s still a LOT of work to do, and usually, I’m much faster at this stage. But anyway, I’ll press forward when and as I can, but don’t expect monumental progress for a while.

In other news, I also have this:
It’s not the only site where the book is available, but it’s the most ‘successful’ page, where this book is concerned. Which means…

And in still other news:

And I’ve got a StinZine cover I’m working on that I have to finish (before I can show you), along with some haunted house doodles for the latest revision of the StinZine map I haven’t completed yet, and the paper is overdue at the printers *sigh*.

On top of that, I still haven’t posted my list of PBW2 2013 proposal updates.

Oh yeah, and it’s my anniversary today:
wedding invitation 005b sml

So yeah, really busy. BIAB.


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
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