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Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
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26th-Mar-2013 10:43 pm - Are You Fascinated?
crossposted from Lee Edward McIlmoyle's blog

So I was watching Love In The Afternoon with my agent tonight, and we agreed on something interesting. There’s this melody that gets used all throughout the film, called Fascination. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:


What I mentioned to her is that there’s a certain popular ballad that also uses that melody, or most of it:

Are You Lonesome Tonight

The reason I post this is because, as far as I could see, neither wikipedia article mentions the other. Now, Wikipedia is great, but it’s not the most accurate tome in the known universe (ask Rick Wakeman). So the thing I want to say is, am I the only person who noticed this before now, or does Wikipedia need updating again?


Lord of Limbo 2012 12 26
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